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Flextrac Series

Flextrac Series

Whether it’s curves, inclines, declines or straight sections, the Flextrac Series can be configured to suit your needs. In addition, the Flextrac Conveyor series comes with Plastic Chain Technology by Modu.

The Flextrac Series Includes

Modular Plastic Chain Conveyor

Its modular belt conveyor design can be configured for varying sizes and unique plant layouts. Its unique plastic chain has the ability to add turn and elevation changes in a single conveyor. Talk about personalization and convenience, right?

Alpine Conveyor

Its space saving design acts as an accumulation zone for products that need cooling or drying. The Alpine Conveyor can also be used to hold products when machinery is offline.

Gripper Elevator Conveyor

This product is gripped between two parallel conveyors to easily move products between higher and lower elevations. You have a variety of gripper chains to choose from depending on the needs of your application. Equipped with a geared adjustment mechanism, the width of a Gripper Elevator can be effortlessly adjusted.