Robotic Case Palletizing for Pizza

Dr Oetker worked us our team to design a small footprint palletizer that would replace manual end of line back breaking labour.

CONOVEY developed this small footprint case palletizer for existing end of line applications where space is a premium. An industrial grade 6-axes X 13 kg payload Mitsubishi 1X RV13FRLD Robot is used to ensure long life with high reliability and robustness. Allen Bradley PLC and HMI with ethernet functionality round out the major control hardware of the system.

The system is designed to palletize up to 50 cases per minute in any recipe programmed configuration. Safety door locks and custom designed safety enclosure provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing operating envelope. Included with the system is a Gurki-Pack auto case sealer and in-feed conveyor with reject for un-sealed cases.