CDLR & Roller Conveyors

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CONVELINE CDLR & Roller Conveyor Systems

CONOVEY has partnered with CONVELINE to bring high quality yet economical CDLR & Roller Conveyors solutions to the North American market.


Since 2014, CONVELINE has been committed to providing the highest quality conveyors and intralogistics conveyors to the world.

CONVELINE conveyors are used in a wide range of industries including food, pharma, post & parcel, air cargo, warehouse, packaging and other manufacturing.  

CONOVEY works exclusively with CONVELINE to bring the un-assembled components to North America where final assembly, testing, installation and commissioning is performed. The CONOVEY team has decades of material handling experience and, combined with CONVELINE expertise, we bring you an incredibly viable option for all of your CDLR and roller conveyor needs.