We build incredibly reliable conveyors and work with our partners to integrate them into larger automated systems.

Our Strength is our People

We produce conveyors but our real strength is our people. They have made it possible for CONOVEY to flourish in a competitive market. Anyone that works with CONOVEY will understand the meaning and value of this. We do not build good enough. We build better.

A Collaborative Process

Our team provides a personal and highly communicative approach to every job that we undertake. The ultimate success of your job means everything to us.


From the origins of a 1,100 square foot shop with founders Allan and Donna Hrynyshyn doing everything from selling to assembling Span Tech conveyors to present day CONOVEY with over 35,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space and a large team of highly engaged staff members, a serious leader in conveying manufacturing technology has evolved to help satisfy the  demand for conveyance in support of the incredible growth in automation.

  • 2010Span Tech Canada is formed

    At the young age of 48 already after a long career in food, packaging and conveyor manufacturing , Allan embarks on a new journey and incorporates Span Tech Canada with his wife Donna. Allan has been a long time friend of Bud Layne, founder of Span Tech LLC and together they work out an exclusive Manufacturing Trade License for Span Tech Canada to fully manufacture Span Tech products for the Canadian market. Business booms.
  • 2014CONOVEY is added

    The CONOVEY brand is added as demand for sanitary and more custom conveyor increases. Shortly thereafter, the decision is made to make CONOVEY the main business operating name. The Span Tech line of products continues to grow alongside the offerings from CONOVEY.
  • 2016CONOVEY wins Canada Growth Award

    CONOVEY wins 2015 award for one of Canada's Fastest Growing Companies and goes to win awards for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. This is a remarkable achievement and CONOVEY places itself in league with only a handful of Canadian companies ever to be bestowed this honorable and hard won recognition in Canadian business history.
  • 2016-2022CONOVEY makes a Larger Footprint

    CONOVEY makes multiple acquisitions of Industrial Space bringing total square footage to 35,000: large enough to take on any project.
  • 2022CONOVEY partners with Bakery Line

    CONOVEY has partnered with Industrial Bakery Line S.R.L. of Verona, Italy to bring some of the world's best baking systems to North America. The first major system is scheduled for start-up in Toronto, Canada end of 2023.
  • 2023CONOVEY gains Exclusive NEMESIS Product Inspection Distributorship

    CONOVEY brings the European NEMESIS line of ultra high quality checkweighers, weigh-price labelers and Metal Detection systems to North America.

Meet the CONOVEY Management Team