Span Tech Conveyor

Span Tech conveyors are our top selling conveyors. North America's largest Automation Integrators trust Span Tech because of its incredible reliability and flexibility.

Span Tech conveyors are so good because they offer so many more benefits when compared to your traditional conveyor supplier.  There are unique features of Span Tech material handling conveyor that put them in a class of their own because they can be easily configured to merge, lane, accumulate, elevate and lowerate via standard component modules.  Additionally, their accumulation conveyors are designed for efficient storage and retrieval of products in processing lines, enhancing workflow and productivity. Furthermore, Span Tech's transfer conveyors excel in smoothly moving products between different stages of the production process, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition.

More Impressive Span Tech Numbers

Span Tech material handling conveyors Provide the Lowest Total Overall Cost of Ownership



Span Tech conveyor is a 50 year old established brand with a worldwide footprint and fully developed parts and service support system.


Average anticipated lifespan of a Span Tech Conveyor operating at 99.9% uptime. They can be easily re-configured at any time to prolong asset life.

Lower Cost

Anticipated reduction in cost ownership over the lifespan of the material handling conveyor as compared to small shop custom built systems.

Reduced Noise

Span Tech conveyors run quiet. They do because of expert design engineering and quality build that has gone into every component.

Span Tech Conveyor Selection

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Designer Series Conveyors

Span Tech conveyors are the perfect choice for conveying products between manufacturing processes such as bagger to checkweigher or carton erector to case packer.

Vast Selection of Chain Options
Plain blue or white acetal, high friction SantoPrene flat or raised links, low back pressure tube top or barrel roller, integrated moving side guards, flights and much more.  It is easy to re-configure these options on your plant floor if your process or product requirements change.
High Re-Configurability
Straight running sections, curved sections and vertical transitions are all based on standard componentry so it is very easy to re-configure the orientation in the field in a matter of hours.
Innovative Captured Chain Technology
Span Tech conveyors use a captured chain technology so the conveyors can pulled, pushed, mid-driven or combinations of all three.  This allows for longer conveyor runs between transfers and opposing back-bends in single runs.
Ultra Low Maintenance
The standard drive ends use a bayonet slide connection to the standard side frames.  They house sealed-for-life bearings that are fully protected from environmental contaminants for ultra long lifespan with no maintenance requirement.
Engineered Transfers for Sensitive Products
There is a wide range of pre-engineered transfers including gravity rollers and powered take-off low profile belt transfers allowing smooth transfer for any size product. 
Your Choice of Frame Materials
Standard systems manufactured from stainless steel and are full wash-down ready.  Aluminum and Powder coated frames are available upon request.

Ergonomic Hand Pack Station

These quick pay-back systems are perfect for budget minded manufacturers seeking productivity improvements. They also help reduce repetitive strain and other injuries that occur with manual hand packing.

  • Straight running or curved configurations.
  • Carton conveyor is "twisted" to an optimized ergonomic angle to facilitate box loading while maintaining straight wrist alignment.
  • Product conveyor elevation in relation to case opening height is also adjusted to minimize product lifting.
  • E-Stop Pull Cord system ensures quick action in emergency situations.
  • Systems are pre-engineered with option tweaks for rapid deployment.
  • Affordable Wash down models are available.

The Span Tech "Topper Lift"

Topper Lifts gently raise or lower products at inclines up to 65 degrees without the need for flights. We use the un-supported return belt of the upper conveyor to gently cradle product travelling on the lower conveyor.

  • Elevate or lower products up to 65 degrees with no flights.
  • Run varying size products with no set up or adjustment.
  • The gentle cushioning will not damage sensitive products.  Our Topper Lifts are used to elevate Kleenex cartons with zero deformation.
  • The same elevating Topper Lift can be simply run in reverse to lower products.
  • There is no requirement for complex controls.  The entire system runs on two VFD's that control the relative speed of upper blanket and lower conveyor belt speed.
  • Affordable Wash down models are available.

High Speed Horizontal Switch

Products are moved on a series of sliding Delrin carriers. The carriers slide freely from side to side on stainless steel carrier rods and their paths are controlled with our jam-free switching module and track guides.

  • Designed to split product in 1:2, 1:3 and many other configurations.
  • Incredible reliability and low maintenance is a result of our proprietary jam-free technology.
  • Switching speeds of up to 400 switches per minute are possible.
  • The controls are simple and the main switch function operates via on/off FESTO DFM short stroke cylinder triggered by photo-eye.
  • The maximum overall switching width is 48".
  • The carriers can removed without tools for servicing.
  • Guarding or light curtains are available.
  • Affordable Wash down models are available with Carrier Rods available in 304 Stainless Steel.

EZ Guides

Our latest innovation is the creation of a revolutionary guide rail system that enables wholesale rail width adjustments in seconds and seamless adjustability through curve sections.

  • EZ Guides eliminate un-safe protruding rail rods and brackets.
  • Rail widths can now be repeatedly adjusted in seconds without the need for tooling reducing time for product changeovers.
  • The radius of the guides automatically adjusts as the guide width is increased or decreased in the curve.  This allows for seamless guides throughout the entire length of conveyor.  
  • EZ Guide allows for adjustable rails on both sides or one side with fixed rail datum.
  • EZ Guides do not only need to be installed on Span Tech conveyors.  They can be fitted onto any existing or new OEM conveyor system.  
  • EZ Guide systems are fully wash down.
  • EZ Guides are surprisingly affordable with total installation cost only slightly more than conventional adjustable rail systems.