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Leading conveyor suppliers are increasingly seeing manufacturing customers turn to plastic chain conveyors. This growing trend has a lot to do with the versatility that today’s plastic modular conveyor belts bring to a host of manufacturing sectors, but particularly to food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. This versatility makes them a top choice for these expansive sectors that rely on conveyors for production and packaging.

The different choices in conveyor construction materials all have their benefits in certain use cases and environments. What many companies find is that plastic modular conveyors offer what may be the broadest set of benefits. When choosing conveyor systems in Canada and the USA, that versatility makes it easier to find the most cost-effective, adaptable, and durable solution.

But there are many variables to consider when designing and choosing the right conveyor system for a company. These variables make it challenging for many conveyor suppliers to meet every single developing production line need. When looking at the inherent versatility of plastic chain conveyors, the strengths make it a standard-bearer for food and beverage among others.

Flexibility Through Modular Construction

First up is flexibility, which goes to the heart of meeting the limitations of space and production cycle needs where plastic chains provide more options. For Conveyor Manufacturers in Canada, also serving USA customers doesn’t bring any specific differences. The chief commonality between the needs of the two markets is both require conveyor designs that are adaptable to any environment.

Plastic modular designs also make it easier to create the ideal conveyor where sections can be easily replaced or repaired when needed. But these conveyor suppliers must still create systems that maximize durability and longevity.

Conovey, which supplies conveyor systems in Canada and the USA, supplies some of the most innovative plastic chain and wire mesh conveyor manufacturer lines in the world such as SpanTech. SpanTech alone boast over 200 link types that allow them to match customer products to meet specification needs. There plastic links and plastic modular conveyors are among some of the most durable and long-lasting in the industry.

Durable and Light for Long Life and Low Cost

That need for durability enables companies to minimize costs after implementation. The result is that the best of these conveyor suppliers (like SpanTech and others) develops systems that not only last long but are easy to maintain. This enables Conovey, who supplies a long list of the best manufacturer supplying conveyor systems in Canada and the US, to meet highly specific needs and custom designs.

The modular aspect of plastic conveyors makes it easy to replace sections in minutes when and if the rare need arises. The sprocket design of plastic chain conveyors rather than pulleys eliminates the common belt tracking issues and enables products to maintain their integrity and position throughout the system. Leading plastic conveyor systems can handle hundreds of pounds but are also very light, which lowers electricity costs for keeping the conveyor moving and meeting specific production cycles and changeovers.

Easy Cleaning and Use in Variable Environments

Pharmaceutical and food production environments commonly use plastic chain conveyors where they need high levels of cleanliness and sterilization. Easy cleaning is a hallmark of plastic conveyors, and those conveyor suppliers that specialize in this sector ensure they meet FDA approval. These conveyor systems can also handle wet or dry products, and products in extreme cold environments and hot environments without affecting product integrity or throughput.

All of those aspects of speed, durability, and versatility minimizes downtime and increases throughput in ways that lower operational costs while strengthening the bottom line. Plastic modular chain conveyors may be the ideal choice for your company when you look at all the variables and your specific needs through the lens of all that they offer. To learn more about how Conovey can provide the ideal plastic chain conveyor or any other type that may be ideal for your needs, visit the Conovey website.

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