Save space and increase throughput with spiral conveyors

Spiral conveyors

The most expensive and coveted asset of most production facilities is the actual production floor space. Most facilities are designed with current production forecasting models in mind but, as processors grow, adequate floor space to accommodate these growing production needs quickly becomes a bottleneck. Spiral conveyors can easily free up unused vertical production space due to their inherent small footprint design and the ability to convey a wide range of products up above production space that is normally underutilized.

Advances in spiral conveying, such as our new PosiDrive Drive system, allow processors to utilize this untapped space while improving system reliability. Although Spiral conveyor manufacturers have been building spiral conveyors for over 50 years, there has been relatively little advance in the basic designs with most spirals relying on finicky slip-drum technology. Our new Posi-Drive technology, developed by Ashworth Brothers, utilizes a robust stainless-steel conveying surface and provides a positive engagement of drum and chain, eliminating worrisome over-drive control systems and allowing for simple operation. All of our PosiDrive customers rave about this new technology and report virtually zero downtime with their spiral conveyor systems. We can even retrofit older slip-drum technology to PosiDrive with very little disruption to customer production.

Proofing, Cooling, and Freezing are typical production processes required when making food and bakery products. Spiral conveyor technology can also be employed to quickly proof, cool, and freeze various food products. CONOVEY freezing spiral conveyors offer the unique advantage of quickly changing the thermal properties of food products in a compact footprint. We utilize the abovementioned PosiDrive Spiral Conveying Technology in our proofers coolers and freezers as well ensuring a super reliable solution.

Utmost space utilization

Spiral conveyors seamlessly integrate with existing conveyors while taking advantage of the warehouse’s vertical space, even more than the traditional incline conveyors. Spiral conveyors work well to connect pick modules, mezzanines, multilevel buildings, and elevated conveyor lines. If you’re looking for freezing spiral conveyors, the OutRunner conveyors available at CONOVEY have developed technology to run extremely sensitive products in a faster and more efficient way.

Easy to install

The simple design of our spirals typically reduces integration costs and can easily be matched to your application. Our Spiral conveyors require less controls and cumbersome wiring and are often delivered in one piece, pre-assembled and tested.

Fast and Efficient

Spiral conveyors allow goods to flow continuously which, in turn, provides higher production rates. Spiral conveyor manufacturers such as CONOVEY design these systems to safely convey product in an upward or downward direction also within a compact footprint. Our systems can also help to preserve the products original freshness, texture, and flavor while increasing processing speeds.

Multiple Available Configurations

Nearly limitless spiral conveyor and freezer spiral conveyor configurations are available to fit specific production needs. CONOVEY can offer single and tandem configurations depending on required production rates. Tandem configurations can be supplied endless or with power transfers. Other options such as touchscreens, cooling units, power transfers, belt washers, etc. are available as well.
When you select CONOVEY, you receive spiral systems that are highly flexible, super reliable, and easy-to-clean. Looking for more information on spiral conveyors that can add value to your production process? Contact us today to speak to our Sales Team.

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