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Spantech Canada manufactures all of its products in-house. Every component that goes into a Spantech transfer conveyor, including the chain, has been designed and built by Spantech. This why they run so smooth and quiet (45 dB). Every component has been carefully engineered to work together and provide the lowest cost of ownership over the lifespan of the conveyor. We can do things with our modular packaging conveyors that our competitors only dream about. We can build material handing conveyors as narrow as 30mm and as wide as 1.5 metres – all with a common component base. We can longitudinally twist our entire material handling conveyor system through a full 180 degrees (think of a pretzel). We can assemble wedges from standard components making them very economical as compared to purpose-built systems. We can push, pull or “push and pull” using dual drives on both the head and tail of the conveyor. This simple feat can significantly extend conveyor runs between transfers meaning less transfers and, that, is always a good thing. Gravity transfers, power belt transfers, power roller transfers, low profile idlers, intermediate drives, friction top chains, flat top chains, flights, lane dividers, moving side guards, auto-adjusting guide rails and ultra low back pressure chains are all standard items. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. We have it all. No matter what type of goods you need to handle, Spantech conveyors in Canada offers a range of material handling conveyor systems for your company. We have designed these material handling conveyor systems to quickly move materials from one point to another in your facility. No matter what stage of the manufacturing process you are working on, our material handling conveyors can handle the job. Whether you are producing, inspecting, packing, or doing anything else, our material handling conveyor systems will last for a long time. We at Spantech Canada are happy to design custom material handling conveyor systems for your facility.


Did you know? Spantech Canada recently launched a brand new chain called the “Pillow Top”. It’s gently curved top surface completely eliminates the cordal action that normally occurs at entry and exit to conveyors. Cordal action has the negative effect of making it very difficult to provide tight transfers for small, sensitive products. By eliminating this cordal action, Spantech Canada can now easly tranfser difficult products such as tortillas, proofed croissants and soft cookies. Ask about Pillow Top today.

Retract Conveyor

Our retractable conveyors are designed to perform millions of trouble-free retracts. Retract widths and lengths are highly configurable. Retract mechanism offered in electric timing belt or pneumatic configurations.


Did you know? Spantech conveyors are the quietest running conveyors in industry. Our typical conveyor runs at or below 45dBA. To put this in perspective, 40 dBA is the typical noise level you find in a library. Recently, one of our customers switched their noisy table top chain conveyors over to Spantech conveyor for the sole reason that the entire department was able to eliminate the need for hearing protection on the plant floor.

High Speed Switch

Our high-speed switch divides and merges while maintaining product pitch and it is absolutely “jam proof”. Others have tried but all of our competitors’ switches are subject to jamming. Need to split product flow while maintaining precise product pitch? It’s what we designed our high-speed switch to do – up to 150 switches per minute. In addition, we have high-speed switches splitting product flow with chain speeds of up to 200 fpm. Product is transferred along a series of sliding carriers, each of which slides freely on a pair of stainless steel carrier rods. Carrier rods are supported between and driven by a pair of our MonoSpan conveyor chains. Once the flow is split, the product pitch in each output lane will be two times the original pitch for a 1-to-2 lane switch, three times the original pitch for a 1-to-3 lane switch, etc. Configurations include: 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 2:4 and 2:6 lane switching, converging and sorting applications. The product will exit at with the same orientation at which it entered. Our switches are rated for continuous, 24 hours/day operation. They are designed for both rigid and bagged product.


Did you know? Spantech Canada uses the latest in design software to quickly model your transfer conveyors in 3D. We can draw complex conveyors in minutes and usually turn quotes around the same day. Plus, we can provide a CAD drawing and full price break down with every quote. We leave nothing to chance and you get the best price every time.

The Topper Lifts

It will take whatever you feed it and move it up or down at an incline angle of up to 70 degrees. You can feed varying shaped products one after the other with no changeover. The upper belt simply takes the shape of the product on the lower belt and gently holds it in place as it travels up or down the Topper. There is nearly no limit to possible elevation changes and we have built Topper Lifts in excess of one metre wide. We recommend an upper limit of 50 pounds per product moved and normally require a gap equal the product length between products (this helps form the pocket). There is no need to worry about damaging delicate products. We have an active installation that is running facial tissues without absolutely no carton deformation. Our Topper Lifts are made with standard Spantech componentry so the cost is approximately the same price as buying two standard conveyors. It’s simple and it works.


Did you know? Our customers consider our material handling conveyor systems as long term assets. They are so easily re-configurable that they lend themselves to flexible manufacturing. When you production process changes, you can easily re-configure the conveyors to meet the requirements of the new process. For example, it takes about 15 minutes to fully change the drive from left hand drive to right hand drive with no additional parts and only a couple of hand tools. When you buy our conveyor, you buy it for life.

OutRunner Alpine

Now you have a real option to replace or upgrade your aging and “expensive to operate” FlexLink Alpines or maybe you simply have a new idea to introduce an accumulator to reduce downtime as a buffer between processes. The new OutRunner Alpine accumulation conveyor is your answer. We can provide any length, width and tier count to meet your buffering requirements and we do this completely without transfers. Our OutRunner technology enables us to run a continuous chain and drive every half tier, thereby guaranteeing low and equal chain tension throughout the entire system. There is virtually nothing to maintain and nothing to go wrong other than periodic greasing of the main drive shaft bearings (we can automate that too!). The innovative system design easily accommodates servo stepper motors for precise indexing if required. No other alpine accumulation conveyor has this baked-in capability. We can also custom build special chain carriers for any shaped product. The possibilities are endless.


Transfer Technology

We obsess about transfer technology. We fully understand the importance of moving your products without disturbing your product spacing or alignment. We also understand that poorly designed transfer onveyors are very costly to you in terms of waste and lost productivity. That is why we have the most extensive selection of standard transfer conveyors in the industry. We offer gravity roller, dead plate, powered chain and powered roller transfers – all fully engineered and integrated into our transfer conveyors. When even the smoothest transfer will not work for you, we can offer a technology to run hundreds of feet of conveyors (in any configuration) with “zero” transfers. You heard us right – the complete elimination of transfers utilizing our OutRunner technology. We are that good.


Did you know? During the past 30 years, there have been nearly 70,000 Spantech conveyors installed worldwide and that it is very normal for our conveyors to run 20 years or more with no little to no maintenance? No other conveyor manufacturer comes even close. Why would you buy anything else?

High Speed Merge

Spantech Canada and Conovey are proud to announce the latest addition to their already impressive line of high quality material handling conveyor solutions. Utilizing our proprietary high rubber top grip MicroSpan chain technology, we are able to precisely meter and merge your products at continuous rates of 150 packages per minute. We can also rotate or re-orient package after the merge section in preparation of further downstream processing. Chain widths, bed count, bed lengths are all configurable to your unique product specifications. The system is supplied with sanitation in mind and it designed to run for extended periods with low maintenance requirements.


Traffic Cop

Automatically merge two lanes into a single output, regardless of the varying sizes of your products. The traffic cop automatically merges two lanes of product into a single lane of output regardless of whether their sizes/weights are uniform or not. It operates without sensing devices, I/O components or powered automation.


Did you know? From our proprietary steel coating system that eliminates the development of black oxide, to our software that assists with rapid design and pricing, Spantech thrives on making products to improve your business. Unlike others, we are the only company in the plastic chain conveyor industry that manufactures all of its components, thus controlling the quality of the complete product offering.

The Wedge

We love our wedge conveyors. They are easy to build from standard Spantech components and can gently elevate/lowerate cans, cartons, tubes, jars and much more. Because our wedge modular packaging conveyors are made from our standard product line, they are priced very competitively as compared to purpose built systems. Plus, Spantech reliability is baked into every wedge we build. They require virtually no maintenance and will provide years of trouble free operation. The video link above shows a wedge running empty chip containers which are highly prone to denting and compression damage. Our wedge handled them with baby gloves. Ask us to design one for you.


Did you know? Renowned for durably-designed plastic chain conveyors and industry-leading innovation in material handling conveyor, Spantech is recognized as a global leader in developing unique, customizable technical solutions for processing applications in core industries that include: food production, beverage production, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and e-commerce.

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