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As part of our commitment to provide quality conveyors that promote high functioning supply chains, we are proud to partner with QC Conveyors. CONOVEY in partnership with QC Conveyors will deliver reliable and easy-to-use packaging belt conveyor systems to meet your industry needs.

We are an authorized QC Conveyors distributor in North America. For more than 35 years, QC Conveyors has specialized in manufacturing low profile conveyors, varying modular belt conveyors, modular belt conveyors, low profile conveyors and custom indexing conveyor systems, including magnetic and corrosion resistant varieties. They are the industry leaders in modular belt conveyor systems and now we’re bringing them to you.

Automation Series

Featuring a strong aluminum frame, the QC Conveyors Automation Series is designed with YOU in mind. The wide array of options available along with its low profile conveyor design are built to make your job easier. Experience performance and versatility like never before. The Automation Series Includes
AS40: End Drive Conveyors AS40: End Drive Conveyors Suitable for almost any application, the End Drive Conveyors come with a wide variety of drive packages. The backlight feature makes for easy inspection or robot orientation.
AS40-CD: Center Drive Conveyor AS40-CD: Center Drive Conveyor Ideal for applications where both ends of the conveyor must be clear. The Movable Center Drive allows for the drive to be placed at any location along the length of the conveyor and can be easily tightened.
AS40-Z: Angled Frame Conveyor AS40-Z: Angled Frame Conveyor Available in three configurations, the AS40-Z is perfect for any elevating or lowering application. What’s more? The Z-Track™ gives you control over belt tracking at the angles of incline or decline.
CBC080: Curve Belt Conveyors CBC080: Curve Belt Conveyors Designed to work hand-in-hand with the AS40 range of conveyors, the CBC080 comes with Curve Technology by Motion06 that allows seamless transitioning of products around turns.

HydroClean Series Conveyor

With sanitation at the core of the design, the HydroClean Series Conveyors is ideal for efficiently handling applications including food products, pharmaceutical, medical devices and much more. The HydroClean Series Conveyor Includes,
HydroClean Series Conveyor HC200: Washdown Conveyor Perfect for washdown application, this sanitary belt conveyor has a tool less design which allows for easy maintenance. The conveyor comes with a self-draining frame that reduces the chances of bacteria growth thereby always maintaining sanitation.

Flextrac Series

Whether it’s curves, inclines, declines or straight sections, the Flextrac Series can be configured to suit your needs. In addition, the Flextrac Conveyor series comes with Plastic Chain Technology by Modu. The Flextrac Series Includes
Modular Plastic Chain Conveyor Modular Plastic Chain Conveyor Its modular belt conveyor design can be configured for varying sizes and unique plant layouts. Its unique plastic chain has the ability to add turn and elevation changes in a single conveyor. Talk about personalization and convenience, right?
Alpine Conveyor Alpine Conveyor Its space saving design acts as an accumulation zone for products that need cooling or drying. The Alpine Conveyor can also be used to hold products when machinery is offline.
Gripper Elevator Conveyor Gripper Elevator Conveyor This product is gripped between two parallel conveyors to easily move products between higher and lower elevations. You have a variety of gripper chains to choose from depending on the needs of your application. Equipped with a geared adjustment mechanism, the width of a Gripper Elevator can be effortlessly adjusted.

Industrial Series

Designed for tough and demanding environments, the Industrial Series conveyors provides a number of solutions that can be applied across varying industries. Conovey's Industrial indexing conveyors are the perfect solution for your automated material handling needs. The Industrial Series Includes,
Embedded Drive Conveyor IS125: Flat Belt Conveyors Perfect for heavier loads, these Flat Belt conveyors is extremely versatile as it can fit almost any application.
Plastic Chain Conveyor IS125-FT: Plastic Chain Conveyor Without compromising on reliability and versatility of the IS125, this IS125-FT Plastic Chain Conveyor is ideal for applications that run longer and at faster speeds.
Flat Belt Conveyors IS175-ID: Embedded Drive Conveyor Flexibility at its peak, the IS175-ID comes with an internal 24v DC motor that allows these conveyors to fit in the smallest of places. This motor makes this drive conveyor maintenance-free and eliminating the efforts of lubricating bearings or drive packages.
Indexing Conveyors IS300: Indexing Conveyors Perfect for applications where indexing is essential. This indexing conveyor has the ability to precisely place parts with an accuracy of ±0.015. Furthermore, the cleats on the belt can be molded as per the size of your product.
Heavy Duty Conveyor IS400: Heavy Duty Conveyor Supports loads up to 600 lbs, the IS400 is perfect for applications that require moving heavy loads across long distances.
Indexing conveyors, low profile conveyors and modular belt conveyor systems are viable solutions for setups that require moving heavy materials quickly and affordably. If you're in the market for an indexing conveyor, we have a wide variety of options to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect one for your need.

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