Packaging is one of the most indispensable steps in the manufacturing process, and Kenwei knows that. By combining the needs of its customers and its own decade worth of knowledge, Kenwei Intellectual Machinery Co. designs and produces equipment that offer extensive solutions to meet the needs of the industry.

Their solutions include a variety of weighing and packaging machines and equipment such as the weigher, the vertical packaging machine, the combined weigher and packing machine, the metal detector, the counting machine, the thermal transfer printer, the parallel manipulator, the loss-in-weight feeder as well as the conveyor and the working platform.

Their philosophy of ‘stability is the key to save’ coupled with ‘professional manufacturing, excellent quality, integrity management’ has made them a leader in packaging machinery in Canada and the USA. Their solutions have known to save costs and improve production efficiency, hence CONOVEY has partnered with Kenwei as their packaging machinery distributor here in Canada.


Kenwei offers a range of complete weigher machines based on customer food production lines, as well as customizes multihead weighers, linear weigher packing machines, check weighers and more. Kenwei weigher machines come with a high-quality load cell which not only weighs and dispenses materials, but also ensures that it does the job with utmost precision. Kenwei specializes in:
  • Multihead Weighers Kenwei offers 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 32 heads and many other types of multihead weigher packing machines with high speed and high precision to meet a single material with weighing requirements ranging from 2 to 5,000 grams and can provide solutions for multi-material mixing.
  • Linear Weigher The linear weigher packing machines have a simple structure and exquisite design, adopts a new integrated modular control system, matches various parameters and language touch man-machine interface to meet the settings of different countries or regions, and is more convenient to operate in order to meet different objects.
  • Check Weigher Ideal for testing the weight of individual products in the production line, the check weighers ensure the weight yield of the later products and help reduce the production of defective products. The check weighers are suitable for most application environments and has the function of unlimited speed adjustments for different speeds for any special applications.

Combined Weighing And Packaging Machine

Kenwei offers customers the best in one-stop weighing and packaging production lines with better weighing and packaging coordination, they also supply vertical form fill sealing machines to complete a full set of combined weighing and packaging machine line equipment, thereby reducing customer purchasing costs and satisfying a range requirements for weighing and packaging across the North American markets. The combined weigher comes with an integrated control panel and a human-machine interface touch screen for easy operation and maintenance. It is equipped with a high-precision and high-resolution load cell to ensure excellent weighing accuracy. And, it includes bag types such as pillow bags, gusseted bags, hanging bags, four sides sealed bag, and three sides sealed bags. Their product offerings consist of:
  • Standard Combined Weighing and Packaging Machine - suitable for weighing candy, seeds, jelly, pet foods, puffy foods, pistachio, peanuts, nuts, raisins, dried fruits, frozen foods, snack foods, meatballs etc.
  • Mini Combined Weighing and Packaging Machine - suitable for weighing small granules such as seeds, tea, coffee beans etc.
  • Economic Vertical Packing Machine - suitable for all kinds of packaging materials, such as all kinds of leisure food, frozen food, coffee beans, oats, sugar, salt, rice, small hardware accessories, etc.
It is suitable for weighing granule, slice, roll or irregular shape products such as candy, seed, jelly, fries, coffee granule, peanut, puffy food, biscuit, chocolate, nut, pet food, frozen feeds, and much more. It is also suitable for weighing small hardware and plastic components.

Metal Detector

Kenwei produced metal detection machines are designed to ensure there is no metal inside the products before or after packing, ensuring products, and food products in particular, are safe to be consumed. Features:
  • Advanced digital processing technology accurately identifies the various magnetic and non-magnetic metals in the product
  • Advanced touch-based HMI with a variety of parameters and languages to suit different countries or regions
  • Waterproof stainless steel body ensuring easy maintenance
Kenwei metal testing machines work as both a magnetic metal detector as well as a non-magnetic metal detector, that can be used to ensure products contain no metal impurities or heavy metal contaminants both before and after packaging. Their product offerings consist of:
  • Food Metal Detector Manufacturer for Reject Defective Products G5020
  • Metal Detector for Aluminum Foil GL2415
  • Dropped Metal Detector for Powder Granules
  • Horizontal Metal Detector Series GC3012
  • Combined Check Weigher and Metal Detector
Kenwei Metal Detectors can be used in food, medicine, chemical, textile, clothing, toy rubber industry and so on.

Packing Machine Accessories

Kenwei is dedicated to offering a full line of production line services to meet customer needs across industries and therefore have an extensive array of accessories to pair with their equipment, including conveyor systems, support structures, rotary collecting tables, working platforms and more. Their product offering includes:
  • Thermal Transfer Overprinter DM5375 This machine is designed to print text, labels, logos or symbols. This label printer is applicable for bottles, jars, rough paper bags, and more.
  • Robotic Pick and Pack Systems with Parallel Manipulator JW-D1100 The robotic pick and place system is capable of automatic picking, stacking, and sorting based on specific customer requirements.
  • Automatic Tablet Counting and Filling Machine JW-SL8 It is used to automatically detect product characteristics, and is suitable for counting products in different shapes, including candy, hardware, medicine, rubber parts, and more.
  • Inclined Conveyor in Packing Machine Ideal for factories with floor space limitations, the inclined conveyor by Kenwei comes in two kinds of belt material – one of which is suitable for conveyors of large granular products and powder or small granular products and the other for is suitable for conveying powder, small particles and large particles products.
  • Finished Product Conveyor Packing Machine Accessories The Finished Product Conveyor is ideal to transport finished product bags automatically packed to the testing equipment or packaging platform after packaging.
  • Rotary Collecting Table for Bag Packing Line This machinery is used to to collect semi-finished products in production lines that require manual assistance or secondary packaging needs.
  • Working Platform in Packing Machine Accessories The platform is 4 meters by 4 meters and is primarily used to support multihead weighers, packing machines or other relevant equipment.
  • Food Conveying Equipment Z Type Bucket Conveyor for Food Ideal for factories with small floor area and small production flow, available in both carbon steel or 304 stainless steel.

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