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Motorized Drive Roller Tower

A motorized drive roller conveyor is a roller conveyor into which a motor and gearbox has been placed to cause the roller tube to rotate. Capitol Conveyors manufactures 24-Volt DC Motors with Run on Demand Technology utilizing 2.5 inch diameter rollers with welded sprockets and roller to roller chains to create the desired zone lengths.  These motorized drive roller conveyors are easy to maintain and are almost virtually silent which helps maintain the integrity of your factory. Chainless versions of MDR conveyors are also available offering the safest pallet-handling conveyor available to ensure the safety of your staff. Capitol Conveyors offers the following motorized drive roller conveyors
  • Straight and Curve Conveyors with Zoned Accumulation
  • Multi-Strand Air-Operated Chain Transfers
Motorized roller systems are perfect for large zone controlled systems in assembly lines, warehouse situations or unit handling of pallets, totes and cases. Experience flexibility, modularity, and energy and costs savings with Capitol Conveyor’s motorized drive roller conveyors. 

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor

With over 140 years of experience, it’s safe to say that Capitol Conveyors are experts in conveyor manufacturing and material handling industry. Capitol Conveyors specialize in Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors and it is one of their most versatile roller conveyor units, suitable for package handling, accumulation, and automobile tire handling systems. Their roller conveyor offering includes: 
  • All size ranges available as Zoned Accumulation with Clutch Brakes every zone
  • Light Duty with 1.9-inch diameter rollers for 1000-pound loads
  • Heavy Duty with 2.5-inch diameter rollers for 3000-pound loads
  • Multi Strand Air Operated Chain Transfers
Capitol Conveyors also specializes in custom conveyor units. They have designed and built the Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors with customer satisfaction in mind.  They also offer complete mechanical, electrical, and controls installations for any given project should that requirement exist. 

Gravity Conveyor Specifications

With 140 years of experience, Capitol Conveyors is a leading full-service conveyor manufacturer servicing Canada and USA. Capitol Conveyors has a customer first approach. They specialize in building custom conveyor, conveyors made to order, and conveyors loaded with special features and options.  Capitol Conveyors focused on providing customers with a broad range of high-quality standard and custom products to meet all customer material handling requirements. Their conveyor product offerings include:
  • MDR: 24 VDC Motorized Drive Roller-Accum. & Trans.
  • MDR-CD: 24 VDC Motorized Drive Roller – Chain Driven
  • BELT: Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyors – Horizontal, Inclines, & Declines
  • LS75: Lineshaft Conveyors
  • LSA75: Lineshaft Accumulation Conveyors
  • CDLR: Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors
  • CDLRA: Chain Driven Live Roller Accum. Conveyors
  • GRAV: Gravity Roller & Skatewheel Conveyors
  • LRC75: V-Belt Live Roller Curves
  • ACC: Floor, Ceiling Supports, Gd. Rl., & Accessories
Capitol Conveyors offers a wide range of products for distribution, manufacturing as well as USPS and commercial mailing facilities, enabling them to cater to a range of small to large business in varying industries.

Lineshaft Conveyor Specifications

Lineshaft Conveyors are primarily used for package handling systems where accumulation and product sorting are required. It is ideal for simple transportation of products and performs standard functions of a conventional live roller conveyor. In addition, it can easily be configured to solve a large variety of other special requirements, such as turning corners, lift, turn, rollover, transfer, upend, speed-up, slow down, brake, accumulate, sorting, providing dwell point work stations, 90 degree transfers, reversing, merging, diverting, from one central drive shaft. Maintenance requirements are relatively inexpensive and wash-down applications can be accommodated using stainless, PVC or galvanized components. Capitol Conveyors have successfully built lineshaft conveyors using a 1-inch diameter shaft to power 1.9-inch diameter rollers via urethane drive belts. Other advantages of lineshaft conveyors are quiet operation, easy installation, moderate maintenance and low expense. Lineshaft conveyors are also extremely safe for people to work around because the elastic belts can stretch and not injure fingers should any get caught underneath them.

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