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Transfer Technology

Transfer Technology

We obsess about transfer technology. We fully understand the importance of moving your products without disturbing your product spacing or alignment. We also understand that poorly designed transfer onveyors are very costly to you in terms of waste and lost productivity. That is why we have the most extensive selection of standard transfer conveyors in the industry. We offer gravity roller, dead plate, powered chain and powered roller transfers – all fully engineered and integrated into our transfer conveyors. When even the smoothest transfer will not work for you, we can offer a technology to run hundreds of feet of conveyors (in any configuration) with “zero” transfers. You heard us right – the complete elimination of transfers utilizing our OutRunner technology. We are that good.


Did you know? During the past 30 years, there have been nearly 70,000 Spantech conveyors installed worldwide and that it is very normal for our conveyors to run 20 years or more with no little to no maintenance? No other conveyor manufacturer comes even close. Why would you buy anything else?

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