Hollitherm Spiral Conveyors

Traditional Ambient Coolers

Traditional Ambient Coolers

This isn’t another “Euro” cooler built with light gauge sheet material with a tempting price tag. We have heard one too many horror stories from unsatisfied customers about those designs. Our coolers are built in North America to North American “tough” standards to run 50,000 bagels per hour all day long every day. If bagels aren’t your thing, don’t worry – it can handle anything you fit on the chain. Single and tandem configurations are available depending on required production rates. Tandem configurations can be supplied endless or with power transfers. We match the right spiral chain to your application. Once again, enclosures, HMI touch screens, bolted or welded construction, ducting, cooling units, power transfers and belt washers are all readily available.


Did you know? we are better spiral conveyor manufacturers because we offer vastly superior technology at pricing that you can actually afford. Our customers consistently tell us that we are typically 25% -35% less costly than our nearest competitors’ comparative price. On many occasions, this had turned an otherwise nonviable project into a long lasting success. We don’t just say it. We fully guarantee it!

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