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The Topper Lifts

The Topper Lifts

It will take whatever you feed it and move it up or down at an incline angle of up to 70 degrees. You can feed varying shaped products one after the other with no changeover. The upper belt simply takes the shape of the product on the lower belt and gently holds it in place as it travels up or down the Topper. There is nearly no limit to possible elevation changes and we have built Topper Lifts in excess of one metre wide. We recommend an upper limit of 50 pounds per product moved and normally require a gap equal the product length between products (this helps form the pocket). There is no need to worry about damaging delicate products. We have an active installation that is running facial tissues without absolutely no carton deformation. Our Topper Lifts are made with standard Spantech componentry so the cost is approximately the same price as buying two standard conveyors. It’s simple and it works.


Did you know? Our customers consider our material handling conveyor systems as long term assets. They are so easily re-configurable that they lend themselves to flexible manufacturing. When you production process changes, you can easily re-configure the conveyors to meet the requirements of the new process. For example, it takes about 15 minutes to fully change the drive from left hand drive to right hand drive with no additional parts and only a couple of hand tools. When you buy our conveyor, you buy it for life.

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