Packing Machine Accessories

Packing Machine Accessories

Kenwei is dedicated to offering a full line of production line services to meet customer needs across industries and therefore have an extensive array of accessories to pair with their equipment, including conveyor systems, support structures, rotary collecting tables, working platforms and more.

Their product offering includes:

  • Thermal Transfer Overprinter DM5375
    This machine is designed to print text, labels, logos or symbols. This label printer is applicable for bottles, jars, rough paper bags, and more.
  • Robotic Pick and Pack Systems with Parallel Manipulator JW-D1100
    The robotic pick and place system is capable of automatic picking, stacking, and sorting based on specific customer requirements.
  • Automatic Tablet Counting and Filling Machine JW-SL8
    It is used to automatically detect product characteristics, and is suitable for counting products in different shapes, including candy, hardware, medicine, rubber parts, and more.
  • Inclined Conveyor in Packing Machine
    Ideal for factories with floor space limitations, the inclined conveyor by Kenwei comes in two kinds of belt material – one of which is suitable for conveyors of large granular products and powder or small granular products and the other for is suitable for conveying powder, small particles and large particles products.
  • Finished Product Conveyor Packing Machine Accessories
    The Finished Product Conveyor is ideal to transport finished product bags automatically packed to the testing equipment or packaging platform after packaging.
  • Rotary Collecting Table for Bag Packing Line
    This machinery is used to to collect semi-finished products in production lines that require manual assistance or secondary packaging needs.
  • Working Platform in Packing Machine Accessories
    The platform is 4 meters by 4 meters and is primarily used to support multihead weighers, packing machines or other relevant equipment.
  • Food Conveying Equipment Z Type Bucket Conveyor for Food
    Ideal for factories with small floor area and small production flow, available in both carbon steel or 304 stainless steel.

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