Hollitherm Spiral Conveyors

Outrunner Spiral conveyors

Outrunner Spiral conveyors

Imagine – no more belt flips. Imagine – no more transfers. Imagine – a cleaner and easier system. The OutRunner spiral conveyor is a revolutionary yet proven technology that eliminates the central drive cage and guarantees equal tension to every tier. The potential configurations are endless and can be used to replace conventional spiral conveyors in most applications. Ask us how we can help you save product, time and money.


Did you know? We are leading spiral conveyor manufacturers because we can free you of your pan nightmares. Imagine – no more pans! We developed the technology to run extremely sensitive products like fresh-rolled croissants directly on our chain starting from the croissant making equipment, through proofing, freezing and into the box. The physical number of transfers have been greatly reduced and the ones that are left have been very specially designed to promote smooth product movement guaranteeing no product damage or waste. Moreover, our interconnected conveyors utilize up to 75% less electricity than conventional systems and this equates to real and measurable dollars and cents being put back into your pocket. It’s what we call a “win win”.

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