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Motorized Drive Roller Tower

Motorized Drive Roller Tower

A motorized drive roller conveyor is a roller conveyor into which a motor and gearbox has been placed to cause the roller tube to rotate. Capitol Conveyors manufactures 24-Volt DC Motors with Run on Demand Technology utilizing 2.5 inch diameter rollers with welded sprockets and roller to roller chains to create the desired zone lengths. 

These motorized drive roller conveyors are easy to maintain and are almost virtually silent which helps maintain the integrity of your factory. Chainless versions of MDR conveyors are also available offering the safest pallet-handling conveyor available to ensure the safety of your staff.

Capitol Conveyors offers the following motorized drive roller conveyors

  • Straight and Curve Conveyors with Zoned Accumulation
  • Multi-Strand Air-Operated Chain Transfers

Motorized roller systems are perfect for large zone controlled systems in assembly lines, warehouse situations or unit handling of pallets, totes and cases. Experience flexibility, modularity, and energy and costs savings with Capitol Conveyor’s motorized drive roller conveyors. 

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