Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Kenwei produced metal detection machines are designed to ensure there is no metal inside the products before or after packing, ensuring products, and food products in particular, are safe to be consumed.


  • Advanced digital processing technology accurately identifies the various magnetic and non-magnetic metals in the product
  • Advanced touch-based HMI with a variety of parameters and languages to suit different countries or regions
  • Waterproof stainless steel body ensuring easy maintenance

Kenwei metal testing machines work as both a magnetic metal detector as well as a non-magnetic metal detector, that can be used to ensure products contain no metal impurities or heavy metal contaminants both before and after packaging.

Their product offerings consist of:

  • Food Metal Detector Manufacturer for Reject Defective Products G5020
  • Metal Detector for Aluminum Foil GL2415
  • Dropped Metal Detector for Powder Granules
  • Horizontal Metal Detector Series GC3012
  • Combined Check Weigher and Metal Detector

Kenwei Metal Detectors can be used in food, medicine, chemical, textile, clothing, toy rubber industry and so on.

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