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Material Handling Conveyor Systems

Material Handling Conveyor Systems

Spantech Canada manufactures all of its products in-house. Every component that goes into a Spantech transfer conveyor, including the chain, has been designed and built by Spantech. This why they run so smooth and quiet (45 dB). Every component has been carefully engineered to work together and provide the lowest cost of ownership over the lifespan of the conveyor. We can do things with our modular packaging conveyors that our competitors only dream about. We can build material handing conveyors as narrow as 30mm and as wide as 1.5 metres – all with a common component base. We can longitudinally twist our entire material handling conveyor system through a full 180 degrees (think of a pretzel). We can assemble wedges from standard components making them very economical as compared to purpose-built systems. We can push, pull or “push and pull” using dual drives on both the head and tail of the conveyor. This simple feat can significantly extend conveyor runs between transfers meaning less transfers and, that, is always a good thing. Gravity transfers, power belt transfers, power roller transfers, low profile idlers, intermediate drives, friction top chains, flat top chains, flights, lane dividers, moving side guards, auto-adjusting guide rails and ultra low back pressure chains are all standard items. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. We have it all.

No matter what type of goods you need to handle, Spantech conveyors in Canada offers a range of material handling conveyor systems for your company. We have designed these material handling conveyor systems to quickly move materials from one point to another in your facility. No matter what stage of the manufacturing process you are working on, our material handling conveyors can handle the job. Whether you are producing, inspecting, packing, or doing anything else, our material handling conveyor systems will last for a long time. We at Spantech Canada are happy to design custom material handling conveyor systems for your facility.


Did you know? Spantech Canada recently launched a brand new chain called the “Pillow Top”. It’s gently curved top surface completely eliminates the cordal action that normally occurs at entry and exit to conveyors. Cordal action has the negative effect of making it very difficult to provide tight transfers for small, sensitive products. By eliminating this cordal action, Spantech Canada can now easly tranfser difficult products such as tortillas, proofed croissants and soft cookies. Ask about Pillow Top today.

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