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KN95 Automatic Mask Edge Welding Machine

KN95 Automatic Mask Edge Welding Machine


KN95 Automatic Mask Edge Welding Machine,also known as mask edging machine, mask beading machine, mask trimming machine.Manually put in the mask sheet, it can achieve PP non-woven cloth, Melt-blown fabric, activated carbon and filter material edge welding, welding into shape automatically, with features that are neat and beautiful edge, seamless welding.

The whole machine adopts ultrasonic welding technology, only one person is needed to operate, can weld edges for 20-30 pcs per minute.The machine is easy to debug and operate, efficient in welding edges, suitable for KN95 masks, N95 masks, etc.

Max Speed

20-30 pcs/min

Packaged Object

KN95 mask

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