QC Conveyors

Industrial Series

Industrial Series

Designed for tough and demanding environments, the Industrial Series conveyors provides a number of solutions that can be applied across varying industries.

The Industrial Series Includes,

IS125: Flat Belt Conveyors

Perfect for heavier loads, these Flat Belt conveyors is extremely versatile as it can fit almost any application.

IS125-FT: Plastic Chain Conveyor

Without compromising on reliability and versatility of the IS125, this IS125-FT Plastic Chain Conveyor is ideal for applications that run longer and at faster speeds.

IS175-ID: Embedded Drive Conveyor

Flexibility at its peak, the IS175-ID comes with an internal 24v DC motor that allows these conveyors to fit in the smallest of places. This motor makes this drive conveyor maintenance-free and eliminating the efforts of lubricating bearings or drive packages.

IS300: Indexing Conveyors

Perfect for applications where indexing is essential. This indexing conveyor has the ability to precisely place parts with an accuracy of ±0.015. Furthermore, the cleats on the belt can be molded as per the size of your product.

IS400: Heavy Duty Conveyor

Supports loads up to 600 lbs, the IS400 is perfect for applications that require moving heavy loads across long distances.