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High Speed Switch

High Speed Switch

Our high-speed switch divides and merges while maintaining product pitch and it is absolutely “jam proof”. Others have tried but all of our competitors’ switches are subject to jamming. Need to split product flow while maintaining precise product pitch? It’s what we designed our high-speed switch to do – up to 150 switches per minute. In addition, we have high-speed switches splitting product flow with chain speeds of up to 200 fpm.

Product is transferred along a series of sliding carriers, each of which slides freely on a pair of stainless steel carrier rods. Carrier rods are supported between and driven by a pair of our MonoSpan conveyor chains. Once the flow is split, the product pitch in each output lane will be two times the original pitch for a 1-to-2 lane switch, three times the original pitch for a 1-to-3 lane switch, etc. Configurations include: 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 2:4 and 2:6 lane switching, converging and sorting applications. The product will exit at with the same orientation at which it entered. Our switches are rated for continuous, 24 hours/day operation. They are designed for both rigid and bagged product.


Did you know? Spantech Canada uses the latest in design software to quickly model your transfer conveyors in 3D. We can draw complex conveyors in minutes and usually turn quotes around the same day. Plus, we can provide a CAD drawing and full price break down with every quote. We leave nothing to chance and you get the best price every time.

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