QC Conveyors

Automation Series

Automation Series

Featuring a strong aluminum frame, the QC Conveyors Automation Series is designed with YOU in mind. The wide array of options available along with its low profile conveyor design are built to make your job easier. Experience performance and versatility like never before.

The Automation Series Includes

AS40: End Drive Conveyors

Suitable for almost any application, the End Drive Conveyors come with a wide variety of drive packages. The backlight feature makes for easy inspection or robot orientation.

AS40-CD: Center Drive Conveyor

Ideal for applications where both ends of the conveyor must be clear. The Movable Center Drive allows for the drive to be placed at any location along the length of the conveyor and can be easily tightened.

AS40-Z: Angled Frame Conveyor

Available in three configurations, the AS40-Z is perfect for any elevating or lowering application. What’s more? The Z-Track™ gives you control over belt tracking at the angles of incline or decline.

CBC080: Curve Belt Conveyors

Designed to work hand-in-hand with the AS40 range of conveyors, the CBC080 comes with Curve Technology by Motion06 that allows seamless transitioning of products around turns.