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The food packaging conveyor has specialized needs for the broader industry and even more specific needs based on product types and production environments. High throughput, while minimizing finished product damage, is crucial to every food packaging manufacturer. That requires wrapping, labeling, packaging and cartoning to be efficient and effective.

Not all food conveyor manufacturers have deep expertise and understanding of the needs for packaging line conveying equipment that is ideally suited for food packaging. The question for food packaging production environments is how to maximize their food production line with the right food packaging conveyor belt from the right manufacturer.

Understanding food packaging conveyor belt needs go far beyond wipe-down, wash-down, and sanitation requirements, but this is a good place to start. The food packaging conveyor has many specific needs to be ideal for its use and avoid major challenges that can affect production, costs, and regulatory compliance.

Every food packaging conveyor must meet wipe-down or heavy wash-down criteria, where cleanliness and sanitation are a critical factor. Leading conveyor manufacturers typically design their heavy wash-down conveyors and wipe-down conveyor systems of stainless steel, or plastic where food encounters the conveyor. Aluminum conveyors can also be found where food contact is not an issue.

The ability to use high pressure water along with cleaning agents daily without adversely affecting conveyor components is crucial to meeting hygiene, production, and maintenance needs. This means that the entire system from the motor assembly to control electronics must also withstand the same cleaning regimen.

Food production and packaging manufacturers that make the wrong choice or have don’t have the optimum food packaging conveyor design can experience:

  • Back-ups and jamming
  • Spillage
  • Damage
  •  Waste

Food conveyor manufacturers that collaborate with their customers can create designs that avoid staging and feed problems that can lead to problems with:

  •  Shrink wrapping or flow wrapping
  • Labeling and date stamping

Manufacturers can compromise product quality, speed of throughput, and cost-efficiency of the packaging line if they don’t use conveyors specifically adapted for handling food products.
In modern food manufacturing, product orientation and transfer capabilities are vital. The ability to rotate the product for proper labeling and stamping is a critical aspect of production flows and product accuracy. This is where automation comes in to varying degrees to support food packaging.

Today’s leading food conveyor manufacturers design their systems to support and integrate the latest in smart automation and devices that can streamline any food packaging line into extreme efficiency. Automating the production line is an important part of food production conveyor systems to:

  • Cut down on handling
  • Speed production
  • Ensure uniformity of product and spacing
  • Eliminate production line waste
  • Improve order accuracy

Many food production environments are reeling from changing regulatory compliance needs and worker shortages in a post-covid word. Some have seen automation as lowering employment opportunities in the past, but his has seldom been true in many areas of modern food and beverage production.

Every production and manufacturing sector is undergoing changes in the post-covid labor market. In food production, where the food packaging conveyor belt plays a prominent role, these changes are adding to the ever-present need for production precision and regulatory compliance. Many food packaging production lines can only meet production goals with automation.

The good news is that leading food conveyor manufacturers like Conovey are meeting those challenges with solutions that are both innovative and cost efficient for production environments of today and tomorrow. You can learn more about how to maximize food packaging line production by visiting the Conovey Applications Page.


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