Developing a simple and sanitary solution for elevating sticky food products has always been
the Holy Grail in the Material Handling Industry. Many food companies currently uses
flighted conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, tote dumpers to elevate sticky and
hard to release food products and these all come with a myriad of challenges. The biggest
problem with flighted conveyors is how the product tends to stick to the belt and flights
long after the drop points. This causes both sanitation issues and yield loss and there is
no practical way to scrape the belt clean whenever flights are installed on conveyors. Screw
conveyors are both unsafe and tend to degrade product quality and most food processors use
them as a last resort. Bucket elevators are notoriously high in maintenance and suffer the
same product release issues as flighted conveyors. Finally, tote dumpers are used in
situations where conventional conveyors for agri-food industry are simply too impractical due to the aforementioned
issues. None of these methods of conveying sticky and hard to release food products really
work. Processors have grudgingly lived with these shortfalls but with today’s increasing
focus on food safety and food waste, this is no longer an option.

LiftVrac – A modular food conveyor manufacturer has developed an elevating conveyor for agri-food industry with a proprietary method to form a sanitary flat belt into a tube which
envelopes the product and then elevates product to desired elevation where the belt flattens
back out and allows use of both belt scraper and continuous belt cleaning. There is no longer
the need for flights or buckets, both which make it impossible to scrape the belt clean and
make it very difficult to clean later. The tubular forming action creates gentle and equal
pulling forces by increasing the overall flat moving surface area in contact with product.
This gentle pull force decreases product degradation and increases overall yield. Products
remain perfectly still while moving with the tube and are never compressed. As an example,
potato chips run up the tube with zero breakage. Moist, sticky and delicate products all
easily move up the tube with these modular food conveyors. The integrated spring loaded belt scraper finishes the job
ensuring 100% of the product ends up exactly where you want it – with the customer and not
on the floor. A built-in CIP that can continuously wash the belt ensures the system is “food
safe” at all times. The LiftVrac technology is simply amazing and must be seen to be
believed. You can now move your products with the elevating conveyor in a way you could have only dreamed of doing.
LiftVrac is the definitive solution for elevating sticky food products such as semi-frozen
fruits, granolas, soft cheeses and meat products.


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