Finding the Right Conveyor Systems in Canada/USA for Your Industry

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Conveyors come in all shapes and sizes and let’s not forget the vast variety of customizations, configurations and accessories that come along with it. It can be an overwhelming task to find the right conveyor manufacturers in Canada & USA who can deliver the product you need for your business.

When trying to figure out which conveyor belt option is right for your assembly line, it’s necessary to keep a few key points in mind in order to determine the ideal match. Whatever conveyor you decide to land on, always keep in mind that it should add value and overall efficiency to your whole system. We’re here to help you take the right steps in finding the right conveyor systems in Canada & USA for your industry.

Here are some factors to consider before purchasing a conveyor system for your factory,

Environment: Will the belt be used indoors or outdoors? Under extreme temperatures? How often will the belts require a washing and will it be a simple washdown, or spot cleaning? Answering these questions will help you determine the material and possible configuration for your application.

Products or Materials Being Conveyed: Determining what product or material is being conveyed and its specifications is an important factor when selecting a conveyor. Everything from the product dimensions, weight, type of product and the production rate will allow you to determine the appropriate size and length of the conveyor.

Conveyor or System Functionality: A conveyor that’s only used for getting products from on point to another will have different requirements that one being used for specialty applications. The level of incline and/or decline will also help to determine the best conveying option for you.

Do Your Research: There are multiple conveyor system companies in Canada and finding the right one is a critical business decision. Conovey is a reliable distributor of high quality conveyor systems that will meet your production needs. We are a major distributor of top conveyor manufacturing companies like Hairise, LiftVrac, GurkiPack, Dorner and QC Conveyors. Besides high-quality conveyors we can also help you with component assemblies, spare parts and conveyor rollers to meet your factory needs.

Other Considerations: While the above are obvious considerations for finding a conveyor system that works for you but there are many other factors such as speed, length, and layout of the factory or production facility. Your engineers can help determine those factors before you decide on a conveyor system in Canada or USA.

Narrowing down on options based on the above considerations will help you make the right choice for your business. If you’re looking for further guidance or information on conveyor manufacturers in Canada & USA, contact us today or request a quote via phone, website or email.

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