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This is a standard drive unit for 25mm SuperTight chain. When ordering this unit, please specify gear motor size and handing (left or right drive - in direction of flow) in the note field. Also, please specify in note field if you require an extended shaft for MicroSpan out of opposite side. The "note field" will appear in the text box just below where you enter your PO# or Credit Card information. If we have any questions about your notes, we will be sure to call you.

  1. SEW SA37 X 3/4"
  2. SEW SA37 X 20mm
  3. SEW SA47 X 1.25"
  4. SEW SA47 X 30mm
  5. SEW SA57 X 1.25"
  6. SEW SA57 X 30mm

Note to customer: The torque arm bracket and gear motor must be ordered separately.

Notes (for internal company use only):

Example with 3.76 chain and SA37 Gear Motor:

Left Hand Version = DADEM-ST20376x-HLPLSA37-xxNTBE

Right Hand Version = DADEM-ST20376x-HRPLSA37-xxNTBE

Example with 3.76 chain and SA37 Gear Motor PLUS MicroSpan extension:

Left Hand Version = DADEM-ST20376x-HLPLSA37-MSNTBE

Right Hand Version = DADEM-ST20376x-HRPLSA37-MSNTBE

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