Discovering the Latest Trends in Conveyor Design


Whether you’re transporting bulky and heavy items or just small items, you need a conveyor system that improves overall operations and brings you closer to making your factory leaner and smarter. Nowadays, when you go looking for conveyor options you are presented with sleek, efficient, and flexible machines that fit in small locations and handle a variety of tasks that goes beyond moving product from point to point.

Conveyor suppliers in Canada have multiple options to offer, but before you choose what’s right for your factory you need to watch for these growing trends in conveyor technology.

Keeping It Quiet

Loud noises are a work hazard and wherever possible, one should take the right measures to minimize the hazard. You, therefore, do not want a conveyor that adds to the noise that is generally produced in an industrial setting. For example, the technology used in Spantech conveyors are designed to run smooth and produce less then 45dB of noise, including their chain conveyors. The lower the noise, the easier it would be for workers to perform activities in its close proximity and also helps reduce the number of distractions in the workplace.

Flexible and Multiple Uses

Single conveyor with multiple uses is more desirable over multiple conveyors or conveyors that require complex changeovers for every process. For example, the Traffic Cop conveyor automatically merges two lanes of product into a single lane of output regardless of whether their sizes/weights are uniform or not. Similarly, the Automation Series from QC Conveyors comes with multiple configurations that can be easily set up to allow maximum flexibility. The same can be said about the IS175-ID from the Industrial Series of QC Conveyors that comes with an internal 24v DC motor that allows these conveyors to fit in the smallest of places

Optimum Space Utilization

Space has always been a premium in many manufacturing and processing environments, and using machines with compact footprints are still on the trends list. Conveyor systems have been through many developments that allow conveyors to take up less space, and it’s safe to say that these will continue to happen. The Alpine Conveyor from QC Conveyor’s Flextrac Series is a great example of how space saving has been at the center of its design.

Modern conveyors from conveyor system companies offer many innovations that increase material handling efficiency and can position and transport items with surprising levels of speed and complexity. It is definitely recommended to consider switching out old conveyor systems with new technology. If you fail to find a suitable system for your current factory layout, you always have an option to build custom conveyor systems from CONOVEY- Canada’s premium conveyor supplier.

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