Technology when it counts
We were an early adopter and a firm believer in SEW’s new Movigear decentralized drive technology.  Movigear allows us to do things with conveyors never before possible without the use of costly and complex servos, while delivering up 75% energy savings as compared to our boring competition .



 Did you know:  Ted Glad is our Electrical Automation Manager. He is a seasoned Automation Professional and holds a valid Master Electrician License.  He routinely turns complex problems into simple solutions.  Ted and his dedicated team have extensive programming experience with Rockwell AB, Siemens, SEW and Omron (to name a few).   His department works with Solid Works Electrical 2D/3D and design/build custom panels and fully automated solutions for food, packaging and breweries.  Our customers rely on Ted and his team to take their processes to the next level.

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